History and Background


Dollwrestling was created in December 2011. An idea then emerged into a project.


Well first, there was just an idea. After having watched other pro organisations and federations, this could definitely be brought to a smaller scale. In fact, there were some dolls and teddy bears lying in the corner that really wanted to join in on the action. They wanted to know who the real champion is.

Therefore, for them, and to let fantasy, entertainment and innovation roam free, the World DollWrestling Federation was created.

It took some time to let the idea settle. But then there was no stopping anymore.

After some time planning, a ring was constructed. That took place in spring and summer of 2012. First, a playpen for children was (mis)used. This proved to be too unstable though and not very practical. Then the idea emerged, hey, why not build a real ring, just on a much smaller scale. In fact, this was done. After lots of hours in hardware stores, the components were finally found: steel bars, real turnbuckles, screws, tape, ropes, a wooden canvas, foam cover, plastic.. and so on and so on.

Dolls in the ring before black background

Don`t forget the whole process before actually building anything. What dimensions are needed? How long and wide must the ring be if the top rope only will go to as high as the breast of an average doll? The real dimensions of pro rings were taken and recalculated to fit the size of an average doll, so that the final product does not look totally out of dimension when a doll gets ready for action.

Then, the question remained. How to make the "dollmaker" invisible? Because during a match, no one should be distracted from what is actually going on in the ring. Blue boxes, green boxes, video editing software, you name it.

Then the website, the facebook and twitter pages and the dolls came.

The background music was recorded soon after that. The videos were edited. And much more.

On December 17, 2012 then, on the December WDWF Superstars Show, the champagne was flowing and the WDWF officially went live for the world to see.

The dolls came flocking in and teddybears from all over the world wanted to be part and wanted to become Champion.

But there can only be one.

The WDWF starts out small, but will grow and grow.

Stay tuned for more action.

Watch the creation of the ring HERE: