Tutorial on how to build a wrestling ring

The ring in this video has been build in one month.
Find out what you need or just watch for fun.


16 L-shaped steel bars - screws and nuts - 7 two by fours - a spry wood board - plastic bathroom carpet (optional) - nails - wood screws - 12 small turnbuckles - 12 steel bands - rope - 3 steel fixation for rope - strong tape - heat pipe protection foam small and big diameter - white plastic - coton



how to make a wrestling ring canvas

First we put the L-shaped steel bars together. This is done of course with screws and nuts. As you can see in the video, four of them are held together at floor level and another four at canvas level. Apart from that, they are fixed at mid floor-canvas level in order to further stabilize and build the wrestling structure. It could be you don't need that, but if you really have a ring of around 50 inches wide, even steel bars can bend very easily.


how to make wrestling ring wood

At canvas level, you fix the two by fours onto the bars. They will later hold the wooden spry board. How to assemble the two by fours with the structure? Well, again this is achieved with screws, but this time wood screws. Put them into the wood through the holes in the steel bars under the squared circle destined for figure wrestling.


how to make wrestling ring canvas

Then, we cut out (or rather have it cut in your local DIY store) a wooden spry board at the dimensions that go with those of the structure. Put this board onto the two by fours and fix it with nails. Then, get a plastic kitchen table cloth in a store. Avoid buying one that is inside a plastic box and already folded, because it will be very difficult later, if not impossible, to get the wrinkles out. Plus, you never know if the table cloth might have a strange smell. Therefore, get a table cloth from a cylinder if possible. They don't have wrinkles. Next, you have to cut the table cloth to size. This can be tricky especially at the edges. Leave around 10 inches on each side, because that excess will be fixed later under the ring.


turnbuckles wrestling ring

Before you put the canvas onto the wood, buy some plastic carpet for the bathroom. This is an optional step, but if you put it onto the wood and only then the table cloth, you reduce the canvas noise when dolls or action figures or whatever hits the canvas, while still sounding nice still. Otherwise, it could just be too much. This probably also depends on the thickness of the spry wood, but just take it into consideration. The wrestling ring will just sound better. Fix the excess table cloth under the ring with strong tape. Build it that way and you can't go wrong.


how to make a ring tutorial fixations

Next come the turnbuckles. Fix three steel bands at equal distance from each other at each turnbuckle. (watch video on top of this page). Then put the hook of a turnbuckle into the hole of each band facing the canvas. Then, buy some rope in the color you like. Put the rope through the rings of each turnbuckle. How to fix the beginning and end of the rope together? Use a little item like on the picture on the left and tighten with screws. Cover the transition with tape in the color of the rope. Now tighten the turnbuckles and check that the ropes are all even and in line. Next is the corner pads. For that, buy some heat pipe protection foam. The color is indifferent because they will be covered later with white plastic. Cut them to size and stuff them around every turnbuckle. Cover them with white plastic.


how to make a wrestling ring the finish

Now you can cover the vertical posts with foam destined for heat pipes. The color is up to you. In front, you can use a cotton cover, whatever you can find. Fix it with the help of the holes of the posts. And now you have build a wrestling ring. For figures at least....!