WDWF World Series of Dollwrestling

This event emanated from the King of Kings Superdome
It took place on November 17, 2013.


The final of the tournament

Zatora beats Dollar Boy with a roll-up.

Zatora indeed beats Dollar Boy after a fantastic match in the main event. Dollar Boy and Zatora were both on the very top of the ring. After a belly to belly suplex by Dollarboy, the fans thought Dollar Boy was the new WDWF Champion, but it was not to be. A small package by Zatora closed the deal. The WDWF tournament comes to a worthy end. At the World Series of Dollwrestling. And the new champion is ... Zatora! Congratulations.


Charlie wins the WDWF Royal Rumble

8 participants

Charlie wins this battle royal.


To the big surprise of many people, Charlie, who had only entered this royal rumble as Number 8, managed to eliminate both John Cena and Sheamus. This was a big upset and no one would ever have thought this could be possible. Four Brawlin Buddies didn't make it, but a monkey did! What an upset....


America the Beautiful by Natalie

America the beautiful

sung by WDWF's own Natalie


She has been in the first WDWF show in late 2012. It was only fitting that she also was part of the World Series. And so, she didn't have to think twice when she was asked to kick off this big event. And boy, did she sing! This is a version of America the beautiful that you have never ever heard before!


WDWF World Series of Dollwrestling PPV


Pictures of the World Series of Dollwrestling PPV.


With a tribute to other big events, the WDWF has a cool outro as well. Fans could witness the best pictures and all the credits of this big event. On November 17, 2013 it all did happen. This outro was the icing on the cake.